Gallery from the Off Road Adventure, Welland

Off-Road Adventure Rally at Welland Lodge  – Sunday 22nd August 2021

by Carol Pyatt

The rally was billed as: “an Off-Road Adventure with grateful thanks to Deborah and Richard for the route-planning and to all of the other local landowners for their kind permission allowing us to use their land”.

The morning started by our very own dream team (Conrad and Dee) cooking breakfast which was provided by Deborah and Richard.

It was indeed an off –road adventure and was meticulously planned and the ground prepared for the wellbeing of our ponies, horses and carriages.

The back drop of the Malvern Hills inspired Elgar to compose his best and us to enjoy this wonderful rally. Casey Jones was missing from the Welland Steam Rally area, but his rail road bought back memories of the Wild West.

Amazingly where the signs might not have given us full direction up popped Deborah and others to marshal us. At one stage I thought we were about to go into someone’s back garden but it was the entrance to a bridle way, which had recently been mown.

We met Mrs Elizabeth Archer from Welland Court, who shared with us her experiences of showing and framed photographs of her driving her beloved ponies at Windsor and the Three Counties Show.

A massive vote of thanks was made by all who attended to Deborah and Richard not only for “route-planning” but route signing and marshalling. For a well-planned half way stop with water buckets put out for horses and even a toilet made available for humans. Conrad and Dee were waiting for us with drinks and snacks.

On our return to the farm Richard had made a seating area with hay bales where we gathered for our picnics.

Once again a huge thanks to all involved in the planning and execution of this fabulous day.

Finally welcome to HDDG  – Deborah and Richard our new members.

A  great day on the farm was had by all.