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The Carry On Drive 8th August 2021 

by Emma Pitman

Having experienced an extremely wet and windy night ahead of this rally when we had nothing but torrential rain, we questioned whether this rally would take place. Poor Dee had an early morning call from us to check it was taking place, no rain reported in the Malverns, so we were off!

We quickly got Ruby and the carriage loaded in the trailer and the sausages and picnic on board, we then headed off for our first rally in ages!! Its been such a long time I had to double check I had remembered everything – harness check, water check, rugs check, fly spray check, Ruby check and Kevin check!

As we left the yard the rain began to ease but heading through Hartpury the clouds began to thicken but we were extremely lucky, the rain stayed off for most of the day just a bit of light rain along with a lovely breeze which helped the horses.

We arrived at Castlemorton to be greeted by so many lovely friends that we hadn’t seen for such a long time. We had a catch up over a breakfast role and cuppa before harnessing up and heading out for our 12 mile drive. There were four turnouts and the drive was not hilly which was great, especially for Ruby. We had a fabulous drive with such beautiful scenery. Emma popped up along the route checking we were all ok and on the right tracks. Thank you Emma.

When we arrived back we sorted the horses and then gathered for our picnics and another good catch up.

Thank you so much Emma, Conrad and family and Dee for organising this rally for us, you made us so welcome and gave us such a lovely day out. It was great to be back out, helping life begin to feel a bit more normal again!

Here’s to more days like this – thank you HDDG!