Ynyslas Weekend Report and Gallery

Well there is only one word for this weekend, ”FABULOUS!”

Thank you so much to Chris and Nikki for organising the most wonderful weekend.

The weather on our arrival was very wet and windy, however it didn’t dampen the most hardy of carriage drivers Carol & Eddy with Meggie, Penny & Ray with Rosie and Emma and myself (Debi) with Tinky. I’m a relative newbie to the world of grooming / back stepping.
This was my first year at the Beach Drive and I can not wait till the next one! We blew into a great camp site with paddocks for our ponies and a lush green grass campsite for ourselves, Emma and I positioned the trailer and van along with Carol and Eddy’s Lorry as wind breaks after unloading and settling Turbo Tink. Up went the gazebo with the four of us holding on as tight as we could to our designated corners, after us all nearly being lifted in to the air,our anchor man Eddy managed to tie the frame to Emma’s van wheels and trailer hitch with cord and baler twine. He then magically produced a large metal tether pin which firmly kept the gazebo in place. The kettle went on, bags unpacked, beds made, taxi ordered. Off Eddy and I went in search of the fish and chip shop, The Surrey, all was cooked fresh in front of us. Emma and Carol retreated to the barn setting up our dining area amongst our guests for the evening, the farm chickens and the cat. We sat eating the most amazing fish and chip supper watching the rain and wind and planning our next days drive. After a walk with Judy the dog along the beach to suss out the sand dune, Emma and I had a hot chocolate and tea with Carol and Eddy then we all called it a night.

The following morning was bright and sunny, Emma and I had decided to make it to the beach over the sand dune early while Carol and Eddy waited for Chris and Nikki, and Penny and Ray to arrive with lovely Rosie.

Chris and Nikki welcomed us, producing maps and tide times, then explained the days road drive. Sandwiches packed we all set off on the drive. The scenery was amazing! The hills went up and up to give us the most amazing views over the stunning landscape to the sea. We saw red kites, ewes and their lambs and some very nice ponies and properties, the locals were friendly and chatty, we had a lesson in the welsh language with a walker helping us pronounce the village names correctly, we watched and listened to farmers tending their sheep.The drive was pure bliss…….

On descending down a very steep hill into Borth, Emma released me from my break duties and we drove in to the high street. It was like being royalty, everyone waving and talking to us as we went along. We all met back on the beach where Chris and Nikki where waiting for us with our packed lunches. It was great to see families enjoying a lovely hot day, there were kites flying in the breeze, a man had 10 in the sky, dragons, octopus, a mixture of creatures all flying in the wind.

The ponies un hitched and harnesses removed, enjoyed the rest with a well earned bucket of water, Tinky just could not resist a roll or three in the sand.
Carol and Nikki returned from an ice cream van with the biggest whirly ice creams for us all, most generous and delicious, thank you again yum yum!

Harnessed up and back to the campsite we went, ponies and carriages washed off turned out and sorted, more tea and a huge chocolate cake was produced and swiftly devoured. Huge thanks were given to our weekend organisers Chris and Nikki, more tea drunk, lots of chatting and reminiscing of the monstrous hills undertaken that day, there was also snoozing by some……

Supper again was from the chip shop, feet up and more to drink, ponies checked and fed then we all tootled off to bed with our following morning drives arranged.

Penny, Ray and Poppy had decided they would like to do the first part of the road drive again, while Carol, Eddy, Emma and I where eager to go to the beach

We all had an amazing time and want to thank Chris and Nikki for all their hard work and organisation for the FABULOUS weekend had by all.

What goes on tour stays on tour.

A great weekend thank you
Debi Smith