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Hibby’s weekend at St Margaret 10/11/12 June 2022 report by Emma

This was my second club weekend away this year, (The first was the beach), and it was a great weekend.
The weather was just perfect, dry and sunny but not too hot as there was a breeze which kept a lot of the flies away and made it perfect driving weather for the ponies.

I arrived around 4.30 on the Friday and set up camp for the weekend. Judy (my dog) was very helpful as she slept watching me do everything!

The first night we all enjoyed a lovely curry that carol made, then toasted marshmallows over the fire. It was a perfect evening just sitting around, catching up with each other and enjoying the beautiful views. Before we knew it, it had gone 10pm so off to bed ready for the next day.

The next morning when I opened the van door to the sunshine, I looked at Tink’s to see he was still lying asleep in the field. After breakfast, bacon rolls and a selection of cereal all generously provided by Carol and Eddy, we had a briefing of the days drive and off we went.

Elizbeth groomed for me the whole weekend and we had a great time, chatting away and enjoying the views. It was an 11-mile drive to the pub, where we then un-hitched had a drink then 2 miles back to camp up a long hill.

The drive was beautiful with clear views all around, although there were a few hills, Tink’s had no trouble, he’s certainly getting much fitter and was raring to go again when we got back.

On Saturday night we had Pizzas from the Pub brought to camp. They were delicious and finished off with more toasted marshmallows it was the end of a perfect day.

The next day, after another fabulous breakfast carol out on. We had a briefing for the  8 mile drive for that day.  Carol had provided us with are snack packs so we could stop where we liked on the route to let the pony’s have a rest and we could snack then, which was a great idea. We did enjoy ours, a bag of Maltesers too this was very much appreciated.

The camp was a huge success.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Carol and Eddy for organising it. So much work goes into these events, from organising the camp site (thank you Hibby) to putting on the food and planning and marking the routes. I am so lucky to be part of this fantastic club and can’t wait for the next weekend away.