SMITHY’S TOURS – 19th to 21st August 2022

Smithy‘s Tours – this will have to be a very short resume of the weekend as in classical tradition “what is done on tour stays on tour.”
The sun shone, the weekend started Friday evening with a sumptuous barbecue and continued with another one on Saturday evening. The weekend consisted of three phases, the patio parties, the sumptuous barbecues and the relaxed rallies through and across beautiful countryside in the shadow of the Malvern Hills.


Our hosts Debbie and Richard looked after us superbly, tea and coffee on call on the patio whenever we came back to “base”.

Tony (Debbie’s father) entertained us with his master craftsman’s work and unfortunately we did not crack his hand made magic box. He then used his skills to marshal us across a busy road.

Nigel (Richard’s brother from Wales) called in on Friday evening. We were gobsmacked to hear that he and his brother (Richard riding the side car) were British Off Road Side Car champions.


Well done to Chris for grooming day 1 for wife Sue and his company.

The halfway stop both days was the Drum and Monkey Pub ideally catering for both humans and equines with adequate grazing.
Our horses and ponies enjoyed the weekend in their luxury hotel accommodation.

We met Duke the gentle giant of the Smith family. He is a wonderful 19 plus hand Shire horse in training to manage the farm.

Our youngest member Darcy having guided Mike, Francis and Anne-Marie around the rally route then braved the elements with her mum under canvas. Who said “never again”? – Darcy loved it!

And then who lives in the house in the middle of the field?


Thank you to Debbie and Richard for a wonderful weekend.