Poppy Rally Gallery

Report by Cat Goodwin

Photos by Max Wilson

Carriages and ponies all beautifully turned out with their poppies adorning, and a few, very fine hats upon driver’s heads sporting more poppies and a little dog sporting a Poppy patterned scarf! Feeling all fingers and thumbs sticking on poppies.

Breakfast of bacon baps with black pudding! (my favorite!)

In between the showers the sun came out and we held a minute’s silence in respect.

Briskly Trotting down the road on a cold and even more  brisk day, hands cold and noses running, but all enjoying every minute and in remembrance of those who have fallen, not only soilders, but the many thousands of horses and ponies that pulled and carried soilders, guns and artillery 

Taking in the beautiful views along the five mile route, we arrived at the pub and a collection for the British legion (That will go to the local legion, helping ex forces men and women and their families) and a quick drink, as well as, a sausage roll, and a cake or two.

All the Carriages parked up together on the common, what a lovely sight and a fitting tribute to remembrance day.

Then back five miles homeward bound, briskly Trotting along in the even brisker weather once more, numb toes and even numer bottoms, sun still bouncing across the hills and fields.

Traffic and other road users passed politely along the well planned route and safely martial crossings at main junctions.

Back at the farm, sweaty, happy ponies and horses cooled down and warmed up Cosy back in their trailers, packing and tidying away, ready for… Puddings! Nom Nom Nom! cake and hot custard! And a hot cuppa!

As new members, how wonderfully welcoming everyone is and well fed we have been! Learning as we go along picking up tips and support on our new adventure into driving and making most of all, new friends, and to be able to join such a fun loving sociable group. Can not wait to be Trotting our little pony down the road and taking part in future events. Thank you everyone and looking forward to the next one!