Gallery Bob Watts Memorial Rally

Report by Sue Baigent Photos by Max Wilson

Well the day started well for me. After putting ALL the things I would need for my day out I drove the 5 miles to the farm only to realise that the key to unlock my horse trailer was in my van at home ! Gerrrrr 

Back at the farm I went to get my carriage out of the lock up to find one of Roberts trailers in front of it .( this is normal ) but this time it had  tractor tyres in it . Drag trailer out, get carriage out, drag trailer back into lock up then drag carriage onto the front of my horse trailer, holding onto it as I’m trying to tie it on or it will roll off again !!!

Then catch Ben from field thankful that he is quite clean and dry. I normally stable him the night before , load Ben then ready for the off.

Getting to the top of the drive expecting the sat nav to send me right but sends me left , I later realised that this had been a good idea as it saved me driving over Dorston Hill one to be missed towing a trailer !!

On arrival at Knighton all safe and sound to enjoy one of Mandy and Rays bacon, sausage cheesey rolls and a cuppa before getting Ben ready for the off with help from Judy P.

Max was taking photo’s as we left the car park and then Judy and I trying to remember directions. Now was it left then right over the bridge then right again or was it right , left over bridge the left again , thank god for the man at the garage who told us which way to go !!

The drive took us through some wonderful countryside with some great views , it’s such a great way to travel.

Stopping at the half way point to have a pickled egg and packet of crisps ( we know how to dine well ). 

We continued the drive back to the car park, horses sorted then sit down for our picnic lunch. We must have looked a funny sight before leaving.

A thank you was given to everyone who’s hard work had put on a great day for the rest of us to enjoy. The weather held for us and the route was well marked out.

Another great day I do so enjoy our rallies.